What's happened to your spending since Covid hit?: "Since CoVid hit I have been spending more money on gas and electric. With the restrictions oveewhelming ny 6 year son I had no choice but to shop locally as he cannot deal with crowds. While shopping locally is convenient the prices are a lot higher than the likes of Asda, Sainsbury's or Lidl. I also dont drive and afraid to get private taxis since CoVid began as you dont kbow who has been in the taxi seat before you and you could catch the virus very easily. This means I have to make more trips than necesaary to the shops. CoVid just seems to have put a lot of people into financial strife and it is going to get worse. Northern Ireland is now on another lockdown with onky certain shops opened. I fear I will struggle again once schools close for Christmas. I have a veey challenging 6 year old and it is difficult to get out anywhere. My daughter also started secondary school and extra CoVid related expenses and her uniform and school expenses has nearly left me broken both financially and emotionally. Even with the £20 uplift there is no security that this will stay in place but even with that money I am struggling. The government did not consider children starting secondary school for the 1st time. The expense of their buses and breaks etc. They also had no plan B put in place when the bus arrives and it states 'Bus Full' due to new social distancing measures therefore making me have to get private taxis to school which arent very safe. Another expense the government did not consider is that the free bus pass is NOT means tested but miles tested placing low income families in even more financial trouble."

Charlotte P
Nov 28, 2020

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