Victoria B on 22 November 2021

Last night was cold. I thought it was cold inside and wore jumpers and such. The windows are drafty and it's in the middle of nowhere so no protection for the building from wind and elements, so I knew it'd get cold. Kids seemed fine, socks n cozy PJ's on. Them warm uniforms with all the layers to keep em warm. Got thermals ready for when kids need. I stuck my thickest sweats and jumper on for me, coat on and went outside and outside was freezing. Ended up wearing my dressing gown out n about cos so cold. Trying to find snow boots for kids for under tenner each, impossible, so probably need to dip into food budget to afford the boots for kids but they'll need warmer than thick socks n wellies. If this is how cold it is now, winter is gonna be worse. Kinda scary really. Gonna be a cold Christmas this year. Got those thick house socks for kids, plus jumpers and thermals and blankets, I'll probably just use duvet, I'll make it work. I'll make sure my kids keep warm. Tempting to set up a bet on how long it'll take for my chillblains to flare back up, just what I need is the inability to walk on top of everything else. Even with thick socks for me I can feel the familiar early aches in my toes and ankles, not gonna be a fun winter for my joints.

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