Pearl N on 22 November 2021

As the £20 per week has dropped, I feel the financial poverty. During lockdown I lived in supported accommodation where I did not have to pay gas or electric. The bills were also lower and I lived at the accommodation from the start of the universal credit increase. Now my mental state is becoming affected, I’ve moved to independent living and I have various bills which are very high and they have increased the rent due to house demand where I live at the moment as it is on the rise because people want to move here as they believe the covid risk is smaller. I cannot afford things I usually would. If anything breaks I would not be able to replace it. It could take a year just to replace something depending on the price or at best months and months. That is worrying. I can see everything wrong with the system at the moment and as a young person in these current times, it makes me anxious for future generations in poverty by no fault of their own.

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