What does this new lockdown mean for you?: "My and my daughters mental health are probably the worst hit by this lockdown. My youngest can still go to daycare 2 days a week (although I am concerned about the safety of this with the rising cases in our area). My daughter went back to school for one day so it’s been hugely disruptive. It’s a huge change and she’s really missing her friends and teachers.

School have been really quick providing packed lunches this first week, and are going to be giving us food parcels from next week. The food parcel we had over Christmas was not brilliant, so I hope this one is better.

It took a few days for school to get a laptop to us so Bea couldn’t join in the live classes or do any of the work. We got it on Friday and she’s very excited about using it.

It’s me that sacrifices my time for childcare. I had grand plans for launching my new business in March which have had to be put on the back burner. It’s frustrating.

And the only meeting 1 person for exercise is difficult. Under 5s don’t count, but I can hardly leave my 5 year old at home. So that’s pretty lonely for me."

Nellie K
Jan 9, 2021

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