Erik N on 19 November 2021
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Q. What do you think of MPs telling us they need second jobs to get by on £82k a year?
To increase income everyone needs a second job or at least a decent job which will be enough for living. Due to covid there are lots of unemployment does happen. So first we need to prioritise first how to get back these unemployed people to the job where they can contribute to their own family. Then in a family if two adults can go for work this better. If one person is out of job then can help them to get a job. Otherwise in single family support like child care etc need to provide to get them back to job. At the end goverment need to have enough job on market to provide second job for the person who can able to. Otherwise if is forced then family will break apart, domestic violence will go high as well mental well being for children and adult also go up.
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