How has your daily parenting been affected by lockdown, and how are you coping with any changes?: "More love but that’s come after lots of frustrating, sad and quite frankly chaotic days. My children are 10 and 3 both dealing with this pandemic amazingly. I’m calmer. We watch more movies and I now take them on my daily walks whereas pre lockdown walks were my thing I’d only take them once or twice a week. I am really starting to miss the treats. The gym. Food out. Soft play. I have raging mum guilt that my 3 year old isn’t having the same experiences as my 10 year old did. It’s so sad. He’s just forming memories so I keep digging and keep going to keep things positive for him but the reality is how long can I do that for? He deserves to see his family. He deserves these memories. I love what you guys have done here. I’ve found myself on this app a few times and have left not writing a thing. I think the concept of putting “pen to paper” makes this pandemic more real. We all know it’s real, it’s very real. It’s everywhere but I don’t want to accept that this is how it’s going to be. Writing makes me feel utterly hopeless. I really don’t want a vaccine I’ve had covid twice and seemed to get it mildly. I don’t want them to shut the parks. My daughter who is average in school is falling behind. She misses her friends and her school routine. She’s slowly learnt that technology can’t offer the same as face to face contact. I feel like mine and my children’s rights and freedom are being pulled from under my feet."

Lulu K
Jan 16, 2021

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