"Dinner tonight consisted of a home-made hamburger and two-day old chips left over from the previous meal that I was willing to waste warmed up in my air fryer. aka a "fakeaway". Talk about "waste not, want not". Whilst my waist will not thank me for it, at least my tummy is full and my budget is stretched a little further until tomorrow. As my mum always says re cheap & cheerful meals "it fills a hole!"

This is in direct contrast to those who have no experience of being swept into poverty assuming that we have no budgeting skills whatsoever. It's something that infuriates me because the automatic stereotype and assumption is that if you are on benefits, you've never been in paid employment, you've never owned your own home, you've never experienced being paid monthly (which coincidentally, is a ploy by employers to make it easier for them to pay the workers, rather than making it easier for the workers by paying them weekly) and you've never ever played bills.

Before I was swept into poverty due to circumstances beyond my control, I was in full-time employment in the NHS, I was married with children, I was buying my own home with my husband via a mortgage, I was studying for a degree and I was doing all of those things.

Being poor is not a personal failing as I have come to learn, nor does it mean that you are feckless, lazy, scrounging or skiving. Absolutely anyone can be swept into poverty cast adrift from the lifeline of Social Security through no fault of their own. That is why I am part of this project and I campaigned so hard to solve poverty with my fellow activists. Poverty is a man-made abuse of human rights and it can be eradicated through the redesign of a more equitable economy. But the current Chancellor of the Exchequer needs to ensure that those that should be paying tax are paying taxes whilst any support packages rolled out during the covert pandemic target everyone equally in need across the board."

Meg T
Nov 12, 2020

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