Angie K on 20 November 2021
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Q. What do you think of MPs telling us they need second jobs to get by on £82k a year?
It is certainly here again, but which one am I more excited about to document and count down? A Christmas with less trimmings and definitely not a grilled partridge bird from Harrods luxury food hall, which I have never tasted at all? Or that in this lovely community of Covid Realities, we all cheer each other on, dual or single parenthood, on how the most important thing about this Christmas, is that we have each other! Yes, with an uncertainty of energy prices, turkey wars (as they said there will be less choice of crown or whole turkeys due to less labour availability-no lie), the climate change has taught us to improvise and find alternatives where circumstances have left us with no other choice. If I am sounding like a neo-activist, then I can only have Covid Realities to thank for that, as once I found my voice through them, I decided to look and interpret the world with a pinch of salt for my pigs on blanket-What strengths will you bring to the table in order for your struggles remain relevant in society?
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