"I went to collect the food "hamper" that is supposed to replaced 5 days of hot cooked free school meals. Last week the food hampers were labelled woefully inadequate and promises were made to include more food. Well I have even less food than last week. Im submitting 2 photos, the 1st is the complete food packed for 1 child for 1 week, allegedly worth £15. One of my children is medically diagnosed as lactose intolerant, so the second photo shows what my lactose intolerant son can eat for 5 days of hot school lunch replacement. Basically a 1 egg samwich, with no marg or mayo. Half a piece of fruit a day. He can have 3 lots of beans on toast, again no marg. This is disgusting. Please someone highlight how bad this is. Children are going hungry again this week, and still no action is being taken to help them. They are going hungry, amd expected to do homeschooling work on empty bellies. Both my youngest sons are still doing their school work only on my mobile as we still have no laptop provision. "

Callie I
Jan 19, 2021

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