"Ta dah! Success! I managed to secure a Xmas delivery slot. The great thing is you can just secure it with 1 item in the basket - so I've chucked in our Xmas dinner & checked out. I can now shop at my leisure until the final date for checking out. Phew! It's like being on a game show - fastest finger first & all that. It's times like this I am reminded of Richard Dawkin's book, The Selfish Gene - it really is a race to secure survival between those that are fast enough & those that are not. But then I am reminded of the Social Model of Disability - it's the environment that is disabling, not my condition. But until that is taken on board by the powers that be & accessibility for all is taken seriously, those with impairments like me will always lose out in the race of life.

But the Covid reality is that shopping online at one of the bigger supermarkets is not economical at all. You have to spend over £40, which is the minimum basket charge - even at Iceland it's £35 but at least you get free delivery, and then they charge you a fee for pick, pack & deliver of at least £3, depending on the time of day you chose. Even if you are able to click & collect it still costs £1.50 for pick, pack & deliver. And with it being Tesco, you are paying Tesco prices, even on their bottom of the range ranges, which aren't as good quality.

If I were able, I would go to Aldi or Lidl, although we don't have one of those in our town yet. Even better, I would shop local if I could, but being disabled is problematic as accessibility can be a real issue - but the supermarkets offer better value for money - it's not right, but that's how it it. Every penny counts. And I am lucky - I am computer literate since home computers came out in the 80s/90s & I have access to the internet. I have a roof over my head to have deliveries sent to. But there are still too many people in need of a safe space to call home where they can access the online world - the digital divide is one of many threats to the survival of those at the poorest end of the economic spectrum. Ands that's why I campaign so hard for those in poverty. Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson talks about everyone in the country "levelling up". The only time folk like us will ever level up is when we are flat on our backs in our coffins. Morbid, I know, but so many - too many of us have been sacrificed already this year to the COVID19 virus. I am doing my utmost to make sure I avoid that fate."

Meg T
Nov 20, 2020

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