Fiona T on 27 November 2021

This week I am so so delighted to be able to be back writing in this diary again and excited for the launch of the Covid Realities book - both of which I feel honoured to be a part of. In my day to day life, I’m avoiding reading the news too much as it sets off my anxiety, but I’ve heard through word of mouth that there is apparently a new variant of covid which is circulating and the current vaccines are ineffective in warding it off. This feels like the worst news possible, after what feels like an eternity of various lockdowns and restrictions, it feels as though we will never really ever be “free” from covid. I worry about the weeks to come, and what may unfold, so I choose to live in my own bubble away from the impending doom from the news. With Christmas fast approaching and Black Friday sales being yesterday, I am working out ways to more cost effectively manage Christmas this year. We’ve put up our tree and lights already, but things don’t feel particularly festive or upbeat. The cut from the £20 a week uplift are definitely being felt, and it feels as though it’s not going to come back. On a brighter note, I am thankful and grateful to be surrounded by my beautiful family who keep me grounded and happy every day, even in times of adversity or hardship.

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