Fiona T on 22 November 2021

Today I’ve put up our Christmas tree in the festive spirit, as I feel like having it up in the home will make us feel more cheery, but in all honesty we don’t feel very “cheery” at all. When I turned on the news in the past few days, more lockdown restrictions have been put in place in some parts of Europe. It feels like the world is a place of uncertainty and I don’t want to make Christmas plans this year in case they all fall through again like last year. Covid has taken away some enjoyment of life, it feels like a dark cloud follows us through life now whereas things pre-covid felt simpler and easier. I’m thankful my children are in nursery and I can have a few hours break, but I’m so exhausted from looking after them that I just lay down and try to rest. With the £20 per week uplift being cut from UC, I’m hoping we will have enough to see us through the upcoming months. With many focused on buying a new home or car in the new year, we are just hoping not to be in debt. We will get by any way we can and put thought into making sure not to spend too much on each gift. I’m feeling very positive and happy that the covid realities project is continuing as I find it a therapeutic and calm environment full of supportive people. It means a great deal to have it continue.

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