Al W on 20 November 2021
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Q. What do you think of MPs telling us they need second jobs to get by on £82k a year?
I am in disbelief of MPs telling us they need a 2nd job. I wonder if they are winding us up? Is it a ploy to get us to discuss and complain to cover up other news? Poor souls, but if they have a hedonistic lifestyle and produce illegitimate children, they could possibly need that second income to keep their lifestyles. However, where I stay, is an affluent area and I am aware of those who are on decent wage, are deluded enough to believe they deserve more. The more they have, the more they want. Greed. These MP's need to experience real life in rented accommodation and work a manual job for the minimum wage, to appreciate what they have. My gut feeling is, they have made such a mess of the country with Brexit, been exposed for making profits and helping their friends make profits from faulty Covid testing, they want to be voted out and leave the mess to be cleaned up by whoever is voted in next.
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