Charlie B on 05 July 2021
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Q. Where do you live and how do you feel about it?
I live in \[anonymised place\], London . So I'm three. So, we're in London, but just, I would say just on the outskirts before you get into the you know what we think is countryside. I live in a council estate, right at the back of \[anonymised\] college. So here it is very much mixed with our Properties sort of 200, 250, 300 thousand pound flat to 1-2 million pound houses just literally, just off and around the estate, close to where Maggie Thatcher used to live. So yeah its a very diverse area. We are very multicultural. Over the last year we have had unfortunately a stabbing. A poor young man lost his life due to, you know, no fault of his own. Wrong place, wrong time. We've also had a TRA, Tenancy Residence Association set up a food bank which I've been very grateful to receive food parcels from, but also been able to volunteer to as well. And also the local Facebook groups, I've just found the community has really pulled together. One of my daughter's beds broke, I put a shout out on one of the local groups. I went has anyone by any chance got a bed, or a spare bed. I had a lady donate me a bed and as I'm not driving at the moment, I had a gentleman offer to deliver it for me. All for free. So yeah I've noticed the community has has really pulled together which is great and it seems to be lasting as well, which is amazing.
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