Victoria B on 28 November 2021

I had to have a conversation with my children's teachers last week. It wasn't fun. I don't much like kids being in school as it is but not much I can do about that currently. I'm still paying off the uniforms and still need to get kids more shoes (they've got a pair of school shoes, PE shoes and wellies each). I explained to the teachers that I have one payday tween now and Xmas and that I know schools often do parties or events in the run up to Xmas. As such I explained that I'd need them to give me a detailed plan of any events that would cost money so my kids don't miss out but I can budget accordingly. Had to have this embarrassing and stressful conversation twice, for each of my children's teachers, and I felt so ashamed. But needed to be done so I can ensure kids weren't left out. The teachers were sympathetic, we're not the only family in the school in our financial situation. Afterward I cried. I wonder what it feels like to be able to cope with any of schools curve balls without needing to stress over it. A couple weeks ago they had a 'children in need' £1 for no uniform day, so my kids were there in uniform cos I didn't have £2 to spare. My kiddies didn't object but they did say that next time they hope they can do it too, it's not fun to feel like you're different from the group at such young ages, especially as they're new to starting school and already stand out from their peers for that. Teachers assured me that they keep Xmas costs to a minimum, don't punish kids if parents can't contribute to Xmas party, etc. I wonder what it feels like to not have to have these kind of conversations.

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