Charlie B on 09 July 2021
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Q. What haven't you told us yet, which feels important to you?
Hey so yeah I guess the most important thing for me being on here, taking part in this, is mental health through Covid. Mine's been up and down more times than a roller coaster in Thorpe park. Mental health, food banks, financial situations, benefits etc. work. Yeah they'd be the most major things. I guess I'd say possibly it'd be worth continuing if society's mental health just coming out of the pandemic, how people are adjusting back to a youthful form of reality I guess could be interesting. And then obviously people going back to the office etcetera, etcetera. And the kids not being, you know, coming home to mummy and daddy or mummy or daddy when they come home from school. And again, pets. A lot of people have got dogs etcetera in lockdown. How are they gonna cope with the anxiety when people go back to work?
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