Lois N on 22 November 2021
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Q. What do you think of MPs telling us they need second jobs to get by on £82k a year?
Hi, really nice to see you again Ruth, it's a real pleasure. I can't get such great light as you. And, you know, you must be doing something, right. You look really good. I'm so, probably as you've seen any way in the Byline Times interview it's something I'm incredibly angry about. I found myself the last 10 days, feeling, tremendously weepy. I am really, really enraged, offended, I feel patronised. I feel a lot smaller than I should. You know, it's impacting how I'm getting on with my everyday because it feels so desolate, you know, add to add to this there's a removal of healthcare services, you know, a reduction of services because... Again, you know, I reiterate, when we talk about the £20 uplift it wasn't just the uplift, you know, we got food vouchers for our children during the holidays. We got a things like help with our local Council taxes, Etc. So things we sort of suspended so that we had some additional support beyond that £20. And so when we're saying that we've taken that away, we've actually taken quite a substantial amount more away, actually. And then we, Add to that, you know, that our fuel bills, Etc, going up and petrol. And so, I think my best response, without swearing and trying to keep it clean, is that I think that they are really thoughtless careless people. I don't trust them. I don't trust them going forward. I don't trust them to do what's right for myself and for my family, and for others in society, and that really frightens me at a time when we need them, the most.
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