Charlie B on 09 July 2021
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Q. What is your experience of home during the pandemic?
Hey so we live in a small three bed flat on the ground floor. We have a small balcony. Built in the 1960s. During lockdown that was very fun and very interesting with one of my daughters at uni trying to do uni work and going back and forward between London and Leicester. And my other daughter trying to home-school while at college. With my youngest one also trying to have Zoom with a school laptop from her secondary school. Two children have actually special needs. And it was a nightmare to say the least, but we was grateful to have an outside communal space. I think the most major thing is to have a communal space. Whether it be, you know, an enclosed communal space inside the middle of the flats. Or like ours, we're lucky enough to have a 200-300 meter long, long strip of grass by about 5 meters. So we were very lucky there to let the children run around and have some sort of P.E. outside but definitely space. Modern houses and flats, We do need more space, just to be able to move around and breathe. Also, I found out something with the council, who is my landlord, the repairs are non-existent, they only come out if it was an emergency. Their version of an emergency and ours vary greatly. But yeah, repairs and space are two things that need working on.
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