Have you been able to get outside more than usual?: "Hi Nik

The short answer to your question is no - we have not been able to get out more than usual. And this is affecting us.

I am a lone parent of two daughters (13 and 12). My 12yro has difficulty making friends and so fortunately has a horse and the restrictions placed on stables still allows her to go an attend to it. So she gets out. And boy does she need to.

My 13yro really misses her friends. She also had to self-isolate when a class mate got COVID. She really misses her friends. She is at an age where she should be going out to the park, the beach, anywhere and finding her feet and making mistakes etc. All the things you do at that age.

She does spend all her time in her bedroom now. She "sees" her friends on her phone, and at school. But she is really missing her freedom.

I have a 50-50 shared care arrangement with their mother and when I have them at alternate weekends we do try to go out - but this has been limited to the same things, the beach. We did go crabbing, which was fun, but they need variety.

I hope this answers your question :)"

Syeda F
Dec 3, 2020

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