Lolarose J on 19 November 2021
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Q. What do you think of MPs telling us they need second jobs to get by on £82k a year?
I think this is absolutely disgraceful. It really does seem like a massive difference between the poor and the rich. The fact that I am on Universal Credit, and was affected by the £20 uplift is already a disgrace. The cost of living, the cost of food, the gas and electric prices have just gone up here in my city 70% and it is like they're stamping on the poor, and trying to keep the poor poor and the rich rich. I am finding it very difficult looking for a job. Even as a qualified teacher and as a qualified coach. To get a job that suits me and so that I don't have to pay through the nose for childcare. And I know this there is assistance, but not much, and I can't seem to find anything, any job where I can fit it around childcare. And the fact that MPs are complaining about getting a second job just to support childcare is absolutely ridiculous. Because these are the same people who took off the £20 uplift. And as I have explained before, when I was in the old system, Income Support, I did get more money. And the £20 uplift should never have been called an uplift because it was me getting back to where I was when I was on Income Support, only now on Universal Credit. It's just a complete and utter joke and it makes me very sad in this society where there's going to be no middle any more. There's going to be the really really poor, even the working poor, and there's going to be the really rich, and there's going to be a massive void between the two, and that is very shocking, and extremely sad.
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