What does this new lockdown mean for you?: "as for coping me and daughter will do it with ease we did well on last lock down

hopes and fear... hopes are to get through the winter months without so much worries fears... are to be overloaded with more and more needed onto prepayment meter march 2020 lock down was easier i had a reserve this year its January its colder colder than last year year i did a sheet the other day comparing what i spent 2019 /2020onto the prepayment meter lets see what this month brings the government havent factored in gas ,electric, Home schooling maintaining a 21c through the day can be expensive if Daughter was at school i wouldnt have heating on until 20 mins before she was due home.. school sent msg out about food parcels for this week i confirmed by phone heard nothing all week txt this morning saying its vouchers nxt week so i emailed them the following Good morning just to make you aware Daughter did not receive the food parcel this week I did telephone But received no further information ,however due to the governments such short notice I can understand how this may have been over looked and I can manage this week.

Also thank you very much for the xmas eve bag you gave Abbie I did not look in it straight away and was blown away by the generosity And I did fill up a little thank you

can the government not put pressure on British gas to hurry the warm home discounts up ,from memory i think they pay them in march"

Ted S
Jan 7, 2021

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