Q11. What are your experiences of masks?: "I've 2 children a 6 year old boy and an 11 year old girl. My 6 year old has severe sensory issues although never diagnosed he is still afraid of masks. We were all turned away from a toy store this weekend because the store have a policy whereby all children over 2 have to wear a mask. Its an American store. My son was devastated. It was the 1st time we had been in Belfast City centre since March and all my son wanted to do was to go to this toy store. He was inconsolable. I can't force my child who has oddities and sensory issues to do something the store want. I do feel American companies need to comply with UK and Northern Irish law regards masks and that is that any child under 11 does not have to wear them. My daughter has now started secondary school and she does not have to wear them in class but she does have to wear them in corridors and on buses. She's generally OK with it but she is breaking out on her face. I think its called 'Mask Acne' not sure as I could have made that up LOL. She is upset though that there are a lot of children older than her on buses who refuse to wear the mask even though it's manitory and that scares her slightly."

Charlotte P
Sep 26, 2020

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