"Monday, tho information is already in the press about what maybe askes of us and the new regulations I fear that once when not enough will be done. Who will enforced this? Will local authority's behave differantly than others due to money, facilities, unwillingness and staffing. How knows. Already supermarket and alike will not ask why you don't wear a mask, they will not askes you to leave if they know or been tipped off that someone is walking around woth Covid. I have been told this from a local source.

Our food banks have increased dramatically and people will not go to official food banks as the food is insulting. Also there is less judging and shame Involed with unofficial food banks. We are worried that the Gov's state will looks and show a decrease on the use of food banks when in fact in York I know and have been told that this is so. But us unofficial food banks are truly stuggling to keep up and fees thoses that are struggling to eat, thoses that are in isolation and the eldaly.


Georgie O
Oct 11, 2020

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