Have you been able to get outside more than usual?: "I really thought my answer would be yes, but in actual fact we have been outdoors less since the start of the pandemic than we were before. Before the pandemic my daughter attended an entirely outdoor forest school nursery, and when she wasn’t there we would often be outdoors at the park, in the woods, and local (and further afield) outdoor areas. In the first lockdown my daughters forest school closed. We also found being outdoors got harder. The playgrounds shut, and all our usual haunts got really really busy. I hated it. Finding somewhere outdoors away from other people was impossible. As the pandemic went on we found that places are still really busy which puts us off. In addition all the hospitality venues are closed so there are no toilets or baby changing facilities. This means we can’t be out for very long at all. I think in general people are accessing outdoors more, but that is actually having a negative impact on my family."

Nellie K
Dec 9, 2020

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