Q11. What are your experiences of masks?: "Hello, I hope you can hear me over the sound of the rain hitting the car my experience of masks. There's a caramel cloth mask group that I joined. So I've been making my own masks and my partner initially didn't want any and he bought some masks for work just in case but family didn't fit in because his beard makes them cool off of his now. So he's now wearing the ones I've made and he's asked me to make him some more and one of his staff as ask more. I've been wearing them when you've gotta wear them and it really bother me. Quite warm, but you just get used to it my new job. The boss is was pregnant. She just giving birth. I had to wear one working with her and my kids they're not really bothered. They wore them to cinema and went when the cinemas reopened. But my youngest son he wears one in school because he's one of his best friend has to wear one in school his parents want him to so he wears one just because his friend does and they're crap with that. And yeah,"

Gracie L
Sep 30, 2020

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