"For once it feels I've had a really great week. It was my birthday last Monday I'm now 53 years old. It was a reasonably warm sunny day saw I managed to take my 15 yo out on a day trip to Runswick Bay in Cleveland. We took Jess the dog and a picnic. He had a whale of a time. He has a wetsuit that he wears when wild swimming. The sea wasn't too cold, but having the wet suit meant that he could play in the waves for hours. He always finds watery environments very therapeutic. Not only that it provides him with some much-needed physical activity. In addition he has been missing going out on the canal boat with canal connections in Leeds. Because of further local lockdown restrictions they won't be able to crew the canal boat for quite some time. It's such a shame because they've done the practical elements of skippering a boat on the online platform zoom, but there's nothing like a real world experience to help the knowledge sink in and consolidate."

Meg T
Oct 5, 2020

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