"well worked up today where to start went to get my bloods done at doctors something i put off during past 3 months just keeping away from surgery really anyway anxiety kicked right in almost been sick leaving house got there walked from car over road say like 50 mtrs out of breath as per when i get like this anyway nurse talking blood called the doctor which was on call examination followed by an ecg in surgery doctor agreed its anxiety and this will be addressed thursday during appointment call in a way theres no way i could have explained some things on the phone my appointment was just medication review so zoom session i may have to end if they ring around 2:50pm.things have changed in the house this week my older daughter rachel has moved back home she has witnesed the anxiety and now comes the informing all releavent people,when i couldnt even pick the phone up past 6 months suppose its fear of outcomes look at what happened in march plunged into a situation i know nothing about how to go about things dont want to get deeper into debt,with this system its getting to a point its all most like a job and taking time away from abbie the future doesnt look bright school shoes ive had to get on installments for now a neighbour asked if i was all done for uniforms yesterday i said no her reply was what the hell you were all in before us and the 6 weeks last year,Rachel my oldest suggested we went to adventure park together as i said i felt guilty on abbie as we are normally off out everywhere but its been very different lately,so my to do list for today is written lets see how i get on"

Ted S
Aug 25, 2020

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