"Hi. What can I say. One ward "unknown" The unknown of our future and that of our finances. I'm a single mum of two younge kids and on Full UC. I was running a small independant buisness, unpaid as we are in process of applying for CIC status. Due to Codiv-19 not only have we lost all our customers and therefore our potential to grow as a business and so work towards getting free from benifits. Along side this my girl is now on the Pathway route with CAMHS. This exstra stress has createsd a unhealthy housewhole environment for her and extra costs are Involed to try and keep her busy which is harder then you think. We are in a flat with no save outside space nor do my kids have their own room to get some space or time out from one another. Being at home alot has, as exspected increases our spending dramatically for the kids sake and the overall cost of utility's is yet to be apparent. Going shopping isn't always a great experience as a suspected asperguse/ADHD child struggles with change, new and noisy environments. The supermarkets has not put anything in place for any adult or child with learning or mental health difficulties to allow a more calm "normal" shopping ezsperinace that has a hudge impact later on at home. I am also a carer for my disabled mum of which both myself and my mum should be shielding or as close as. That's a joke I could never had shielded and my mum like many who can not leave the house, I wasn't surpose to was not entitled to a food box and at the time for weeks food deliveries was impossible. I mean want do you do?


Georgie O
Jul 22, 2020

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