Lexie G on 25 November 2021

This week I’m planning the Christmas Day meal because myself and hubby have decided that we will skip a couple more meals so we can provide the boys a “proper” Christmas dinner. We will do a small prawn cocktail - they love it too much to miss it or change it and we will be doing chicken thighs instead of turkey with as much veg as possible to fill them up and I will try to buy a cheap Christmas pudding. I wish we could do the lavish Christmas dinner that the boys see all over tv and in adverts but we have to make the best of a crappy situation don’t we. Thanks Boris and your little mates who decided that during winter and in an energy crisis to take the desperately needed £20 a week off of us, I wonder if those guys are worrying about how to have presents, Christmas presents and keep warm on that special day?!?

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