"what I'm fearing most currently is how my child's going to stay safe in school with 90+ children mixing in the playground and 30 per class with no masks being used children at my child's school are still encouraged to hold hands and when asked if I may put a ask on my child at first they refused and said its not allowed??? my child barely sleeps due to the council using the flat above me for temporary housing and the tenants put there make noise and fight at all hours of the day and night, I am really worried because of this she might catch covid because she's got a compromised immune system due to exhaustion and no one is helping it seems and the housing group who rent to the tenants upstairs are refusing to do anything about my complaints to them which includes criminal damage done by their tenants and all of this my child is forced to go through as we live under them with no help from the council or the school I'm scared about sending my child anywhere with no mask why is it we can't socialise in groups of more than 6 and must wear mask if our children. our babies are going to school mixing with 90+ children and are told not to wear a mask do our children not matter??? mine means everything to me and I cannot get over how much disregard for their safety the government have shown "

Enzo J
Sep 17, 2020

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