"so after lots of back and forward with getting a response from universal credit journal system i was worried at the amount they deducting this month (£192) which leaves £864) by the time all that happened it had gone into the bank in short they said i cant defer the advance for 3 months because at the time of accepting it i said i could afford it,i pointed out that at the time of taking that advance i was reaching almost sick with the burdens of taking it that was just £500 (not knowing the legacy would stop)and the other deductions was been paid £1 month before pandemic because of low income so to then change that to £39 without prior notice then of course i cant afford it then because no one had told me the legacy would stop in march i had to take another £500 advance so they taking £ £85.00 advance £39.00 deductions dwp £75.00 from housing because my older daughter moved back in 24th august she has just became fully qualified nurse and is awaiting a start date for a position in cancer care i have already borrowed £120 from her for gas and electric,food before i was paid i say borrowed yes she going to get paid in her job so should contribute but come on i'm her dad always been the provider no matter what ,she has had a period of no pay it kills me asking her for help i feel no parent should be asking their child to support them winters coming and the stress is coming about that and the prepayment meters it never bothered me before when i was self employed and getting legacy benefits nothing did,this past 6 months has certainly been different well am sure ive gone of track i said in short at the beginning apologies so back to todays universal credit a quick reckoning up of outgoings not including food ive got £98 to last a month thats if i aint forgot anything oldest daughter got some shopping in yesterday still need few things till the next shop all sorts can go through your mind maybe i'm overthinking or maybe just every parent is the same things like abbie needs a winter coat, tights,etc for school then there is the FAT man coming (Santa clause) cant even bear thinking about it oh going back to the universal credit journal the agent said after i put her right with above if i defer for three months the advance i wouldn't be able to get another if needed during this time but if i wanted she can defer one to help,because they where took out separately so i asked if i deferred one would that remove the (able to ask for advance in 3 months period) it would even though they were separate so the wait for a response is normally 24 hours for a reply funny enough it seems awfully close to the closing time last msg of the day so ya gotta wait until end of next day your agent will reply so if you ask or confirm the query ya gotta wait again so for me it all took that long so all that stress and anxiety of that process, back to the stress and anxiety of getting to the end of the month :("

Ted S
Oct 1, 2020

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