"Since the announcement of further pro-longed restrictions I am feeling down. I’m trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that is getting me down and quite simply it’s not being allowed to see friends and family. In Bradford we’re not allowed to socialise with other households, as has been the rule since end of July and I’m beyond fed up of the monotony and Groundhog Day-esque feeling of everything now. The usual events which might feature on my kids’ calendar are either not happening or unlikely; half term holiday, Halloween, weekend day trips, Christmas. Nothing is certain, other than being at home. The conflict I have is that I know I am privileged. We have a safe home. We have food to eat. We have things to entertain ourselves. We have a car to be able to visit other areas. But it is hard to focus rationally on the positives but I’m missing the small pleasures I love - cups of tea with friends, hugs, play dates with friends and their kids, sleepovers with my nephews. I have an impending sense of doom. It’s gonna get worse....but how much worse? And yet the realities of real life continue. My dog rolled in poo on its walk this afternoon. "

Connie G
Sep 23, 2020

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