Have you been able to get outside more than usual?: "before covid I was barely at home me and my daughter were always out and about we spent probably one day a week where we was at home for the entire day since covid I am still out and about a little bit more than most because I am an unpaid carer but not nearly as much as I used to be I try to go places with my daughter but it ends up being short lived because for some reason when we go somewhere that is basically empty people see us and I believe they start to think we'll if they are there we can be there and then it starts to get a little bit too crowded for comform so we end up leaving earlier than we initially planned but where we can't stay outside much I have purchased play mats and large exercise mats so me Nd my child can do out daily exercise while at home when we're not doing the school runs and when it's the weekend so we are at least getting exercise"

Enzo J
Dec 3, 2020

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