"I am really upset about my middle son (21) having to go back to work in the pub kitchen now that social distancing has been relaxed by the Govt in England. There's no way that they can maintain social distancing in the kitchen & I am worried that he will bring COVID19 home & as a neurologically compromised person who has been adhering strictly to what I consider the "proper" guidance from the World Health Organisation that I will catch it. I have no confidence in the current Govt's handling of the pandemic& feel they are responsible for all the deaths we've had so far due to their incompetence. I see people wearing gloves & masks improperly & because they become complacent causing cross contamination. I drove past a restaurant yesterday & none of the serving staff were wearing PPE at all - which I find most alarming. Without a measured consistent approach, this pandemic will go on for much longer & more folk will die."

Meg T
Jul 9, 2020

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