"school never made any plans for the next three days i take it never heard from them this week (monday) last week i had to post on facebook to get someone to collect a parcel from the school monday 12pm because [my daughter is] self isolating only me at home no way of collecting it my self,but they did send a member of the office with a chromebook for home learning, all of the work powerpoint slides, or sheets to print no way of entering her answers i sacked there timetable ,previously they posted there google drive details i downloaded all year 2 stuff back in april so ive been printing that out for her.i also bought last year full set of phonic books which have came in handy, sitting here with hsbc page in a background i dont want to look just yet i know there is something there for some shopping but am afraid the rents gonna see a shortfall this month something ive kept good all the way through the pandemic, I dont want to ask the older daughter again for money she doesnt know how this universal credit financial situation really is i keep that to my self but still 11 days before payed again the gas is on the up what to do what to do :("

Ted S
Oct 19, 2020

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