Q12. How have the new rules and restrictions affected you?: "No no no, I can’t cope with another 6 months of this!

The restrictions disproportionately affect stay at home parents, the elderly, the poor, those with disabilities (etc). All those people who don’t care about going to the pub, eating in restaurants, shopping. All the people who do care about connecting with other people.

There’s a limit to how beneficial meeting others in public parks is when it’s cold and wet, there are small children likely to run off, there are toilet issues etc.

My parents live 2.5 hours away and are in their 70s. The restrictions mean we can’t see them at all as we can’t practically make it work.

I need to be able to meet people in their gardens. I need my parents and I need play dates.

The thought of another 6 months of this, including Christmas is soul destroying."

Nellie K
Sep 30, 2020

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