How have you been managing with the additional costs of winter?: "Im really not managing. Im spiralling into tons of debt as I don't have any where near enough to make ends meet, everything costs more now, food is so expensive. I had to borrow money off my dad this week to put money on the gas and electric and buy some milk eggs and bread to last until I get a food bank delivery saturday. It was a good job he did lend me some money because my period start and I had no sanitary products left in the have had to stay indoors for 5 days had my dad not given me some cash as I wouldn't have been able to buy them, so I'd have to stay in...something that's happened before. My sons shoes are too small amd he has no warm jumpers to fit him. I would cut back and get rid of Broad band but its an essential item as I have a child in year 10 amd she needs to get online for her school work. She was quarantined for 2 sure that will happen again, so I can't get rid of it, its essential. Plus I'm so lonely, that chatting to my friends and family online is all I have for company..I have far too many essential outgoings and far too little money coming in. Im so anxious amd depressed, ive never felt this bad. I was put on ant depressants last week by my gp over all the stress and worries I have over feeding amd clothing my children amd keeping the heating and lights on. Im in despair, its desperate. My mental health is badly suffering over it."

Callie I
Dec 18, 2020

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