Have you had to change your plans because of the announcements?: "Christmas has been quiet for myself and my daughter now for a few years as there is just the two of us. This year however is unlike any other apart from the lack of money and relying on a food bank in order to be able to feed ourselves my daughter is now unable to see her friends or engage with local church groups that she has enjoyed attending for a number of years. Also it is one of the times that she would normally go out with her Godmother which can now not happen. the restrictions need to be in place for the safety of us all, but this is hard to explain to younger people. I have not left home that much since march as I have diabetes and other health problems so we have not had the opportunity to go out together even during the school holidays. I have put up a christmas tree and will try to make things as special as possible but I could never have imagined living through a time like this. Wishing all at covidrealties and participants a very happy christmas and best wishes for the new year."

Erik J
Dec 23, 2020

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