"Unofficial community food banks , I’m part of a community association we were running a community hub every Thursday morning offering free breakfast and lunch and advice we did this with the council, we had just begun to receive surplus food so decided early on to send out food parcels.

I then sourced more food and a homeless charity began to supply lots of fresh fruit and veg a week ..... and Morrison’s supermarket have helped out lots .... we’ve for the last 8 months been delivering food parcels to the elderly, vulnerable and low income families we’ve had surplus that we’ve been able to put outside for the community and now have begun to use the community centre on Thursday mornings for the community to come and help them selves to free food in addition to the rest of the work.

It’s been a full on tiring 8 months doing all the food stuff while caring for 5 children and at times I do think why do I bother ...... But once you see the faces of the people we are helping and the thank you messages I receive I just know all the hard work to source and deliver to the community is worth it "

Teddie G
Oct 13, 2020

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