Q12. How have the new rules and restrictions affected you?: "Hiya, the new rules and restrictions are causing a lot of confusion due to different areas of the country having different rules, I feel that the mask wearing is a very disputed thing within communities and causes issues with disabled people. I also would like the guidelines to be agreed as a country rather than splitting it as much as the devolved nations are. I feel that 6 months will be too long as our children are struggling with all that is going on at present and too much fear and anxiety is going about. We are turning into a nanny state and it feels like we cannot even parent our children without the government telling us we need to do things a different way. We need to become stronger as a nation and also make sure that it all leads from the front. Especially with the one rule for us and another for the houses of parliament regards pub rules."

David P
Sep 30, 2020

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