"The lid has blown. Im am angry, Letter from.TV liscence today, pay within 8 days or expect a visit...I found it intimidating. Phoned up the TV liscence farce. I tried to.stay calm, but I was shaking, I explained, I am.a.single parent who receives NO child maintenance via the Gov run Child Maintenance Service. The same Gov who dictates what the BBC show. The daily propoganda shown morning noon and night around Carona virus. The virus that was umcontrollable, that affects people in shops and house but not in pubs, then it changed its mind it started affecting people in pubs. Infact it changed its mind regular.
Suddenly 6 weeks til Brexit Depart day on 1st Jan, POW out of the blue, a vaccine that works!!! Well what a coincidence. . Back to the BBC, the one where I dreamed on a Sat night as child thet Jim would fix it for me to have a new daddy because mine always got drunk and hit us.
Turns out Mr Fix It was a paedophile. My mother struggled to pay that liscenve out if fear of being imprisoned and all along she was paying a paedophile's wages. I dont like the BBC, I dont watch football, The One Show is for middle class who listen and believe that they should be paying out for children in need, by the tax dodging millionares celebrities.
My child has veen in need and received nothing. Wonder how much actually goes to projects and how much to the fat cat who sit top of the tree, thinking up guilt trips for the unsuspecting public to part with their hard earned cash? I asked the phone operator for TV liscence, what does she suggest I do to find spare cash to pay for propoganda drivel? Sell my body? This is whats wrong with the world. Greedy wealthy businessmen dictataing where our minimum wage income must be spent. No wonder mental health issues are so high. Its an imposible situation to climb out of as female single parent. Lower paid job, Child Maintenance Service not doing its job, politicians refusing to enforce the laws on maintenance. Feel as if Im begging for benefits to feed my child and pay bills. Be as well being back with my ex...... after a while you dont feel pain of the punches. At least i could pay the TV liscence on time."

Alex R
Nov 12, 2020

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