How have the new rules affected you?: "I'm in an area affected by the new rules - North Tyneside, part of the so-called LA7. Makes it sound all Hollywood, but it isn't.

My girls and I don't mind wearing masks; we always have some on us. So the new rules on the fines haven't really bothered us. The girls are vigilant about wearing them but my youngest (12yro) asked me the other day how she finds out why a girl in her year doesn't wear a mask. I said it depends - she might not want to say, or talking to someone might make her get something off her chest. I said you could ask her where did she get her sunflower lanyard from or what does it mean. If she wants to talk to you about it she will. But to respect her choice not to tell you. There are some small but strange conversations we are having.

And I think those types of things are going to become more embedded as the new rules go on. We like to watch 30 Rock before I put them to bed. Its an old American comedy - and we keep finding ourselves saying "they can't do that now" when two characters hug, or "where are the masks - oh, this is Olden Times". We laugh but you do find yourself saying it.

And we are only half way through (I'd insert a laughing smiley emoji with a tear here but not sure how to)....

Work is a double-edged sword. I could have sworn before Lockdown I was a loner. I'm pretty sure I still am. But I really miss my colleagues at work. I don't follow them on social media, I wouldn't go to Christmas Parties with them, and rarely go out for a drink. So I never thought I'd miss the constant chatter or just someone who would smile a good morning Hello.

But I am loving the extra time with the girls - being there when they get in from school. I've never been so good at Minecraft since they showed me how to grow wheat and raise sheep! And being at home to have tea with them, us 3 around a table - which due to work in the Olden Times I had not been able to do except when on holiday.

They are worried though - about the economy of all things. I probably keep the news on too much, so they have picked up from the introduction of the new rules and the scrapping of the furlough scheme that lots of people are going to lose their jobs. Id never heard them use the word economy before until recently. You try to reassure them but you know its going to get worse. I'll try to switch the TV back to CBBC in the mornings, rather than BBC Breakfast."

Syeda F
Oct 7, 2020

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