"A quick Covid Reality for today. I read my gas & electricity meters as requested & submitted the readings. I'm fortunate that I am eligible to receive a Warm Home Discount of £140 off the cost of my annual electricity bill, which my supplier applies to my account. I get cold & stiffen up very easily, so my heating is on a lot of the time, especially now we are in December. In addition, because of lockdown, we are home 24/7. But there's no rebate for gas consumers, which seems unjust to me. Yes we wear extra jumpers to keep warm etc, but I can have icey cold hands & feel even though my body is warm. Trying to keep the house evenly heated is also quite difficult - we have cold spots all over, even though it is a modern built house & supposedly energy efficient. Furthermore, I notice that VAT is still levied on energy purchases at a rate of 5% - that was reduced from 20% back in the day (1997) by the new Labour government. My question simply is that heating/powering your home is a necessity not a luxury, even more so during lockdowns. Why do we have to pay VAT at all?"

Meg T
Dec 5, 2020

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