"Been a few months since I last wrote on here, being back at work and my son being at school still, helped us stay in some sort of routine and 'normality'. Thankfully. At the beginning on this month (march) my son found out what high school he got for this coming September. He and I were so glad he got his first choice awarded. Great news all round. However, now....the time has come for it to sink in that he is actually going to high school. The concern I have now is, due to the current situation, these children werent allowed to visit high schools during open days and all had to been done virtually. These children will all be starting their new schools in September without even visiting them. At all. Some children this may not affect, but the likes of my son, who is on the autistic spectrum and has tourettes, triggered by anxiety, this is going to start becoming a concern. Its a shame the high schools can't organised something for these children, before they start in spetemeber, to let them visit their new school so they can familiarise themselves with what is to come and where to go etc. "

Thea P
Mar 23, 2021

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