"the statement you made i quote ( us three havent got work tomorrow john and jordan are ...this shit has gone round in my head all night and currently ive done more 360's that a spinning top can do in the same time i can channel everything inside my head here it may help me not lose it in the street i find the comment stigmatic on every LEVEL here's my thought process all one year of it in one shebang!!! JAN2020 HEART ATTACK THEN you will all remember my van getting a shunt in the street at the time i was self employed and doing ok few quid for those rainy days however due to so called escapee who fucked off leaving the insurance to find them who incedingly was in a neighbours house ( i know now this to be No 40) and had committed the damage to so the vehicle and fucked off now insurance gave me a courtesy car for weeks and there is now way i could have continued trading in dirty work so 5 weeks no pay insurance gave me around a grand (minus the repairs ) i repaired it back on road #covid19 kicked off so 26th march rishi sunak announced SELF EMPLOYED CLAIM UNIVERSAL CREDIT Start of nightmare on Townsend road pt2 working tax child tax STOPPED now advice this was gonna happen forced to taake advance £500 to which i was been sick with burdens on fone literarily so that got the rent paid for five weeks (no rent for crash and dash) anyways ya get the picture i wanted and was a grafter 5weeks wait trying to get essentials was more expensive funds i had dwindling dwindling bye bye money the anxieties and panic where get tad worse all depends ............................randomly walk past two fat cunts chin wagging bout same if not bigger than my fat cunt build anyways quote was something like this aye we gotta work cant just sit about getting money for nowt some people have it easy ....again STIGMATIZING SELF EMPLOED GRANT was not paid until end of may ( KEEP THIS IN YOR HEAD 5 WEEKS LOST WORK 5 WEEKS FOR A UNIVERSAL CREDIT PAYMENT =10 WEEKS THEN ADVANCE IS payed back) there was a kind man in this street Geordie he knocked here when i was alone and gave me some xmas dinner that i will never forget and publicly praised his kindness and returned it to a friend in need one year and to hear his daughter stigmatize another in conversation sickens me on the mentality of folk today i did was i was told for the pandemic spent savings to get by and look after my girl and her home and keep her safe and to here those comments then and again Last night BOILS ME BLOOD I BATTLED mentally quitely and told almost no one for the fear of stigmatizing dodge pots i hide it well NOT ######## TODAY now bbc 6 olocknews contact me yesterday for an interview i turned them down on the fear off those people out there looking casting judgements i so wish i accepted the miles ive done this morning spining round my heads still going round fcing forward all this whilst home schooling something that was going amazing until now duck sake i gave another lass a hand to get some thing out so she could paint before her carpets got fitted you know when you had young ones did you never get more done when they where asleep the carpets not the issue nor was noisy andd toeak to me like that has opened this can off worms of onee year ya know what i did for this xmas dinner i put the turkey on my argos ######## card to have a normal xmas none stigmatized life yes and i have also need a food bank a some point some i teared myself up on stigamatizing my own actions wht sort of world we live in now eh oh and by the way john never had to be up that ######## early i seen him go out at 8:30am guess what i aint slept with anxietys so ducked if you have a problem with noise dont speak down at me you know nothing of what is in my head nor me yours and after the comments i have heard i dont want to know the thoughts of narrow minded duckind COVId idiots wake the duck up and do one rant over for now this happenend sunday its now wednesday still not mentaly back to normal dreathin is short and comed goes "

Ted S
Feb 4, 2021

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