"I’m feeling quite down this last few days. Everyday continues to be very similar to the next. I get up and carry out the usual jobs and chores. But this week I feel particularly lonely. There’s something great about being in charge and making decisions for myself and the children without having to consult others but there’s also the intense pressure sometimes. It would be wonderful to simply have someone else saying “don’t worry about that today, I’ll do it!” I am also missing physical contact with adults. I’m quite a tactile person with my friends usually and it’s taken a few months to really notice but I am missing the hugs, a full bear hug is needed sometimes to squeeze away the worry of life. I am trying harder this week to consume less news and spend my time more mindfully. I have been hand sewing some Xmas decorations to give as gifts to friends. But like most things, I don’t do this in moderation and have had a couple of ridiculously late nights finishing them, resulting in feeling physically rubbish the following day. However, I am proud that for the time I am sewing, I am not scrolling my phone. I continue to take pleasure in the small things (something I do anyway, not just during a pandemic). The sunshine has been out and the colours of autumn are in abundance. These things are a pleasant distraction from lots of little niggles and worries that are pitching up camp in my mind."

Connie G
Nov 13, 2020

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