Erik J on 20 November 2021

It's great to have this space back in order to share experiences of life with Covid. A lot has changed since my last entry. First of all after being very cautious about following all restrictions that were in place to keep myself and my daughter safe, when the schools reopened unfortunately my daughter caught Covid at school and passed it on to me. I still have not fully recovered from this, lacking energy and feeling constantly tired. Also after a long assessment with delays caused by the pandemic I have been diagnosed with Autism, which as an adult I am finding a bit difficult to come to terms with and understand. Now winter has arrived, luckily it has not been too cold so far but I have a pile of old blankets ready for us to wrap up in as it was a struggle to heat our home last year, with the cost of utility bills increasing life on a low income is not going to get any better.

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