What does this new lockdown mean for you?: "The new doctor means that my daughter's going to lose that I have to lose killer until it reopens. My son goes to a special school so that the minute has scale has dad opened. Although I have just chosen not to send them for a few weeks because the numbers seem to be very high and his teachers had a sleep with first week back after January and we've already isolated and had coronavirus and I don't want to do any more isolation because I have a son requires around-the-clock care and attention. I am still allowed to keep My bubble obviously everyone's like to put your bubble but I am definitely ready to gold and stay over at my mom's and stuff because I need a bit more support we have but I need a break and also need a bit of help with my daughter too because it was my intention would want him. So we're not looking forward to the next few months of them's good and and hopefully maybe in February I was saying John back to school because it's good for him. He enjoys it. He needs his routine, and we also need a break."

Dorothy T
Jan 14, 2021

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