Ted S on 25 August 2020

so i asked universal credit to let me amend my income and outgoings after speaking with hmrc a full day i waited,anyway i reported i needed to change the entries as to what hmrc said i really dont have a clue with this i had an accountant for this and they are it feels like they avoiding my question adding to the stress and another thing checking my payments they are deducting something else not sure if i can ring the number given,wonder if it was tax credits over payment they said £254 now this was incurred because i got a demand to submit my account to them in MAY now given i didnt have £150 to pay accountant this wasnt done so they went by there calculations (everyone else has until january 2021 for the self assesment for 2019/2020 for tax credits demand it in may sure this hole is getting deeper

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