"just thinking of the stress i put myself through this time last year making sure everything was perfect for xmas eve ,xmas day then all the other things like high energy bills etc which may have lead to my heart attack in january this year i pushed myself to the max and it came to the end of December it took its toll and this was when i was in work and getting legacy benefits topping me up, this year i am getting universal credit are things going to be any better i doubt it i've just put the emergency on the electric dont get paid until 30th,ive got £30 in vouchers can i make a xmas dinner from that and the rest of the month in food from that???? Thursday i was in tears when letter from dwp came refusing my application for pip assessor stated i did not seem breathless (yet in same week i had an episode i was so out of breath the paramedics took me to A&E) I'm so confused with there process one month before i had a telephone call and hey awarded me the higher rate of limited capability for work but the next phone call assessment they turned me down also received a letter back from debt management refusing me any leeway after i wrote to them explaining my hardship use of food banks even sent two bank statements yet this is not enough "

Ted S
Dec 19, 2020

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